I am a new member of Retro Fitness, located at 1633 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY. I must say I was so excited for the opening of this gym especially as I live directly next door, however the customer service that I have received from Faunce(the manager) and the staff is deplorable.

Complaints are constantly being made and they are just going over each staff member's head. It literally seems as though you're dealing with ROBOTS and this includes Faunce. The shakes that are made at the shake bar are too *** sweet! They are full of sugar.

You can't even request no sugar and get what you ask for. I was actually told that this is what we make and it can't be changed. The fans that are circulating air are constantly going on the highest speeds which are not necessary. The fans do not need to be kept at the highest speed.

You ask the of the staff to lower the speed of the fans and the response has been directly "NO". I have tried speaking to the manager directly he as well just stands there and looks at you as though you're speaking a foreign language and says "NO" without even a willingness to hear why the customer is making such a request. I don't know anyone who goes to a gym and does not want to sweat. The fans are running on the highest speeds constantly and there is no need for the fans to be running on the highest speeds.

Some of the weight lifting machines have not been bolted down and are rocking back and forth and literally lifting off the floor. I wish one of those machines would fall on me. God will definitely be my witness!! Someone needs to do something about those extremely sweet and sugary shakes that are being sold to members and are advertised as healthy and all natural sugars...

25gms of sugar is a lot of sugar and sugar turns to fat. Don't try to bull *** the public. This is why Bally's Total fitness gym will ALWAYS be number one. This is sad that you are literally talking to brick walls when you go into Retro Fitness gym located at 1633 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn.

I refuse to be a member of a gym, spend my money each month and not be happy in the environment.

This is nonsense and something needs to be done to bring a positive change.

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  • 1633 Flatbush Ave
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