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They are an absolute scam and stay FAR away! These practices (are)/should be illegal to the full extent. They require 60 days notice to cancel in which case they still continue to bill/charge the card you have signed up with them.

We called to cancel membership with them and they stated we need to send a letter to an address (no fax, calls, emails, only a letter) stating name, account, reason to cancel. We sent this letter and got no notice from them since. When we called to check 2 weeks later why we haven't heard anything, they stated that they REFUSE to look at anything unless it is sent certified mail ONLY!! They did NOT state this originally. So we sent certified mail to them and they got back to us another 2 weeks later stating that the "reason" (any reason) has to have PROOF with it. We asked what they mean by proof so in our case, we moved; they required a untility bill. So we sent a copy of our utility bill via certified mail (3rd letter sent out), and when we contacted them for status on the cancelation, they now require a SECOND utility bill, AND a copy of our driver's license.

So thats (1) Utility Bill (2) Utility Bill- 2nd (3) Driver's License. This is assuming the first thing you do when you move is to update your driver's license and dish out ridiculous fees and change your insurance right away.

At this point, I don't think I want this fraudulent company having a copy of my driver's license on file. After sending them this information, will take 2 weeks for them to process (in addition to all the other time spent with them); once a CONFIRMATION for the cancelation has been approved, at THAT point it is 60 days of billing continued.

AFTER the 60 day period, they will continue to charge you and come up with additional excuses why the cancelation is not sufficient. They will continue to bill you FOREVER!!!!!! You need to report fraud on your card, and get a new card and stop all old payments!

WARNING, if you cancel your account that they bill to, they will continue to charge you indefinitely to the same account even if it is closed! (and it will go through). In addition, even after you cancel your credit called, they will continue to bill for the ongoing months and send the account to the worst of collections agencies!!!


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I want to cancel out the personal trainer.


Its totally wright they are try to over charge


same thing happened to my wife and myself, except we were told by an employee who no longer works for Retro Fitness that we were not entering into a contract. We sent them a certified letter and the response from them was that they were denying our cancellation request. In any case we will have a lawyer check into this business practice.

to Anonymous #1201200

Any update?There seriously needs to be more of a spotlight shined on these company policies.

I've been writing reviews wherever I can about retro fitness.I think it's about time that they answer for their fraudulent practices.

Neptune City, New Jersey, United States #778721

Mike Lewis please provide us all with correct information to cancel our memberships.If there is this much trouble we should all be set straight on how to do it.

I have read the contract and see what to do, but there is also another letter from ABC that says to send it to them.Please set the record straight and give us the proper information to cancel our memberships.

New York, New York, United States #763430

Retro is a total scam and that's why so many of there gyms are closing!I paid in full the first day I signed up and did everything I had to do to cancel (certified letter 2 months prior) and they still have a collection agency calling me.

It is a TOTAL scam, stay far away!!!:x

Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States #694890

Good Marketing startegy, $19.99, but you end up in paying 300$ for sure when you cancel your membership.*** agreement, you dont get agreement at all.

But they always say as per agreement... Dont go there.... Worst gym and customer service in the world. They look only for money and dont care about anything else.

If you say threadmill is not working, no one will listen to you. but if you order smoothie or if you need personal trainer- they will come to your home also to serve you. Manager- Dominic- You can meet Mr.President also but you dont get his appointment , even if you had one it is going to be nightmare. He never on time and dont keep his word for the appointment.

I schedule 5 times appointment with him. Not even one(1) time he make it to meet me. Whenever i go to meet him "everyone had some classes to say this" Dominic is on his way and driving. he will be here anytime.

I am totally unhappy about this place, if you have money and want to spend- Please consider this gym(not a gym)- TIme pass place.pls drop me an email to sale4allppl@aol.com - if you need more details

Naples, Florida, United States #626380

F-ing ridiculous that it takes 60 days to cancel a membership.

I hope they go out of business.


Impossible to cancel



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