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I've been a member at Retro for years and have signed up my family members to..I Went to the Retro in Woodbridge cause I was in the area and unknown to me there was a problem with my account..I normally go to a different Retro..The worker at the counter ( who was rude and had a attitude ) wouldn't let me in ..So I asked to speak with the manager.

So I am speaking to Monica Sanchez who is the manager and I ask her if I could workout and resolve this issue when I go back to the Retro that I normally go to ..She tells me that I cant workout until this is rectified. .so I said to her that she would let soneone who wasn't a member workout for a week for free but you can't let a member in for 1 day until I clear this up..I said that this is poor customer service and wasn't Right .Her reply was that we expect more from our members. .My reply was I expect more fron a Manager who is A REPRESENTATIVE OF RETRO.

FITNESS..This MANAGER could have accommodated me ..It would've been very simple for her..Pretty disappointed..Pretty pist .

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Could it be that you were trying to get in a "free workout" by using your deadbeat account as an excuse?Why not return to your vehicle, call your home gym on your cell phone, and settle up your account?

You signed a contract which includes payment terms -- you must fulfill your end of the agreement. And no, the gym is not obligated to allow you to workout for free.

Surely you already had the same "free trial" opportunity when you were a prospective member.You do not get that privilege again.

Acworth, Georgia, United States #949329

I saw the owner on under cover boss and he would not appreciate the action of the manager at all.

I believe he lives in Tampa or Texas try to location him to inform him of the managers action l'm sure he would appreciate it.

to val #994877

Eric Casaburi is his name he is CEO o Retro Fitness


She has no obligation to let you use the gym..you technically had a deadbeat account!

I worked for a different place. If a member has an account problem, there was always a way to fix it. Why couldn't a call be made to your home club? Couldn't this be fixed over phone?

Or online? Exhausting those options, we never let a bad account member use our place, but we tried to help... Event Though we did not have to.

But then again, our members came first.If we did not have the time or manpower to help, you are out the door.

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