This place is a joke, their so called owner never returns calls, probably too busy juicing himself so he can hit in 18 Year olds.If you ask for a copy of your cancellation form they can't find it until they need it to keep stealing your money from your credit card.

This place is awful. Unless you want them to take your hard earned money steer clear of this place. The idiots they have working behind the counter are as useless as their bad fake *** jobs. The only thing they are good for is to swipe a barcode and serve an overpriced smoothie.

If they took half as much interest in their jobs as they do in trying to look pretty this might have been an OK gym. Customer service is horrible. I really hope that you needed that 19.99 you took from me.

If you are that poor and needed the charity I would be more than happy to have helped.I have more respect for the homeless guy that is looking for a hand out, atleast he is honest about taking money from people and not hiding behind an office with darkened out windows, wuss!

Monetary Loss: $20.


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