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The worst place ever for letting their customers know if payment didn't go through.I accidentally let my card on file max out and forgot that payment was due.

That's where the nightmare began. They kept trying to charge that card nonstop without mt knowledge which in return hurt my credit score plus gave me late fees with the gym. One would think they would have the decency to contact their customers and let them know after the first time instead of viciously trying to recharge the card over and over. It wasn't until I went to pay my credit card online that I noticed this horrible occurance.

Now I don't have the money to pay the $50 that accumulated for that 1 months worth of late fees but I also have to answer to the credit company.

I had to get a whole new account number because of their stupidity!I hate retro fitness!!!!!!


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Their stupidity? your the one who max out YOUR card and whos payment was therefore late. Take some responsibility for the fact that it was YOUR fault not them that the card didn't go through.


I had the same problem.My credit card information got changed because of identity theft.

Meanwhile, I was charged a late fee of $21 by retro. Who charges a late fee that is as much as the membership fee?? On top of that, they never informed me either. EVERY other company I have been involved with has emailed me or called me when my credit card information changed.

Retro just lets you rack up the ridiculous late fees, and then when you complain about it, they have a convenient out - all their billing is handled by a 3rd party company. From what I hear, these calls can be a nightmare because they end up just referring you back to the gym, who then refers you back to the billing company (ABC Financial). Finally, have you ever tried looking for contact information on the retro fitness website?

It's a tiny form that only lets you use 250 words.Basically, they make it as hard as possible for you to get any kind of direct customer service, and deflect the blame to people who don't need to see you face to face.

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