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What gym location was this at? I'm just wondering because I live in Layton Utah and I had a membership to the one and only gym in this area of the state. I came in one day and the gym was closed permanently. I called customer service and they said my payments had been stopped. I just received an email the other day stating that my contract was bought by Golds Gym and I am now a member there. I paid for the VIP membership at my home gym which... Read more

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I joined Retro in January, and loved the staff, trainers, instructors, atmosphere and grew close to many gym members. A week ago, November 14, the owner, Bill arrived halfway through the day, kicked EVERYONE out of the building, locked the doors, plastered a couple of signs on the door and that was that. That Retro is closed, no warning to staff or members! We are appalled at the way this situation has been handled and would like you to be aware... Read more

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Cancelled membership more than 4 months ago and still getting charged for it. Keep calling but they keep giving me the run around without any resolution. I called the gym over 5 times and the manager is never there. They keep leaving messages and nobody calls me back. i filled out online retro fitness corporate customer service form and nobody got back to me. This is by far the worst gym, worst customer service and definitely needs to pick up... Read more

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I really enjoyed my membership at the Aston, PA, Retro Fitness, but when I had to leave because of a medical setback, I'm finding it impossible. Today, I sent the requested letter, certified, return receipt requested, adult signature required. What follows here is the email that I sent to corporate HQ: I am outraged that your membership cancellation policies are so convoluted. My journey with this process is: 1. Called Retro Fitness central,... Read more

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Visited retro fitness to cancel my membership. I have no time for the gym. I was denied my request for cancellation. This should be reviewed, also bad customer service.

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Training here is a SCAM!!! Don't sign the contract. Seriously, just do workout videos at home instead. The trainers are rude and the few I tried didn't know what they were doing. To end the contract before it autorenews you have to send a certified letter. Seriously?? This is 2016. Stop dicking people over. This was totally not worth the massive amount of money I put out and there was no way to legally end the contract before it was up. It's so... Read more

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3rd time we are here waisting our time because whoever opens on Saturday its always late , like 6 customer came already and they left leaving this comments on the door & Windows , it's unacceptable because we make our time to comer here then go to work and it's always to waisting our time ... Read more

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Im a paying maintenance fees for retro in east Meadow long island which is great considering the gym equipment is always broken takes days to fix..why? The a/c never works and it is dark in there. Disgusting we end up leaving. The theater the only cool place in the gym has been broken for a week. How hard is it to fix? The place is a mess weights all over and staff just stands behind the counter talking. In the process of finding a respectable... Read more

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I have been to Retro fitness on 2 separate occasions and still can NOT cancel my membership because the manager isn't available or on the premises. He explained to me his hours have changed due to changes being made at that location, but that isn't my problem. I shouldn't have to continue to pay monthly until he is available. So they continue to charge me $19.99 monthly and a ridiculous fee of 12 dollars and change for something I'm not even... Read more

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I want cancel my retro fitness

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